It is my mission to help you live and create from the inside out through owning your personal power.

Does this Resonate with you?

√ Do you struggling with constant self doubt & self judgement

√ Do you often notice yourself feeling inadequate, not good enough, unloved, or unworthy? Do you  self-sabotage ?

 Do  you feel stuck, lacking passion or motivation?

 Do you feel like your energy is scattered in too many directions?  Ever feel like you have your energy in so many places that you are not effective at ANYTHING?

 Do you secretly feel like you’re failing yourself because you can’t seem to make any progress in the areas of life that are the most important to you?

√ Do you feel disconnected from within, just going through the motions, day by day? 

√ Do you find yourself overcompensating, at times, when feelings of insecurity rise within you? 

√ Do you say yes when you really want to say no?

√ Do find it difficult to ask for want you want? Are afraid to rock the boat and because of it you often don’t speak up and own your voice? 

√ Do you find yourself in power struggles with people or loved ones?

√  Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns, attracting the same kind of people over and over?

Are you wanting people around you to experience your power and recognize who you are? 


If you are likes yes, Stephanie, that’s me!

Then this is your place and I am your girl. 

I can help you develop and understand your personal power, that is already present within you, in ways the honor both yourself and others. I can help you handle those situations you consider difficult with grace and ease through helping you become more aware of higher levels of information and consciousness. You will experience true wisdom and freedom as I guide you in exploring and expanding your ability to listen to your souls guidance.   

My mentorship focuses on what is happening now, right now, in your life.  The amazing and magical thing is that by working in a committed relationship with a spiritual intuitive coach you are able to move through these moments very quickly and life lessons are moved through at a very fast pace while learning what they hold for you.

If you are ready to experience more freedom to live life with meaning, on your terms. To experience more abundance in all areas of your life. If you desire spiritual, emotional and mental growth and are ready to connect to your authentic self and source energy then lets work together in activating your personal power! 

I do not work with everyone, I only work with people who are:

  • Ready to make a change and expand their consciousness 
  • Ready to commit to their Spiritual Growth, making it their Highest Priority 
  • Who want to connect with their Higher Self and step into their Authentic Power.  

  • This means people who are ready to do the inner work, take action, and not just wish for change and hope that it will happen.

Ready to create Within?

How you can work with me

Activation & Alignment

60 or 90 days mentorship

Month One: Unpacking  & Release Phase

Where we unpack your story, identifying your definitions that are limiting you and hiding your authentic power.

Month Two:  Personal Power Activation 

This month is about stepping in your personal power and learning how to own it by using it. You learn how to live from the inside out as we start aligning you with your Higher Self, developing your intuition, shifting your vibration through inspired action plan. 

Month Three: Co-Creating Phase

This month is all about learning the language of the Universe and how YOU co-create with the it.  We start to activate your master attractor abilities by applying it to specific areas in which you are wanting to manifest. We work on intention setting, vibrational frequency, emotional state of being, and powerful law of attraction methods beyond the cookie cutter LOA. You will  leave this month with a full understanding on how to create your reality from the inside out. 

This 3 month mentorship includes: 

  • 1:1 Coaching Calls, hosted via zoom video conferencing and lasting 60 minutes each in duration. These calls will incorporate discovery, clarity, focus, release, intention, alignment and more. We will dig extremely deep together, working through stage as it develops for you.
  • 60 days mentorship includes | 8 (1hr) coaching calls.
    90 days mentorship includes | 12 (1hr) coaching calls total
  • Receive a coaching call recap that will detail what we discovered during our session. Followed by weekly lessons and assignments that get uploaded into your own folder online where you will be able to access all your recaps, assignment , tools, trainings, and resources I upload for you.
  • Unlimited support to me via slack messenger and email throughout the three month span, where we will keep in touch and communicate with one another throughout the week. This will be your chance to have unlimited accountability, support, feedback, and guidance as we work on activating your personal power and creating your reality.
  • Surprise Graduation Gift

Please note: That I only work with 4 committed clients at a time, if you are interested in a committed mentorship-coaching relationship, please schedule your free 15 min discovery session with me below and let’s make some magic happen. 


clarity call

60 min Clarity call

This 60 minute call is catered 100% to you.  To help you pinpoint where you maybe out of alignment and not owning your personal power. 

We decide on the focus area and work that we will be doing on our call prior. I will email you a questionnaire for you to fill out. 

During our this 60 min session we can focus on  big picture discovering where you are out of alignment and providing you with the tools you need and/or you can bring a specific issue and situation to me that you need clarity on. 

We will work on releasing and pinpointing any blocks you have around your issue or situation  and establish an action plan that moves you into alignment and owning more of your personal power. 

Price: $97.00 

Here’s what others are saying:

Thank you so much for our session today. You have no idea how much it means to me and how much better it made me feel. I definitely believe that you cross paths with certain people for a reason and I’ve only crossed paths with less than a handful of soul “soul feeders” in my lifetime and you are one them. Thank you! 

-Jisele Hernadez 

Stephanie is encouraging, courageous, inspiring and empowering. She has helped me tap into my god source power and identify the things that are empowering and disempowering for me. I am so thankful for our work together. 

-Amita Harden

Stephanie provided a huge need for. I felt alone, weird and misunderstood because of my personality and the way I thought I could get along with people fine was if I kept things at a surface level. But that never satisfied me and I always felt that there was more to be explored. I always felt like something was wrong with me mentally and with my personality. Then, I met Stephanie and she showed me different perspectives about my mind, my character that gave me legitimacy and value. For that  I am so grateful.

-Humberto Morales 

What Stephanie has inside of her is a gift, her nature rubs off on people.  Her knowledge and awareness is paramount. She has given me hope and reassured my faith in the Universe and Higher Self again. Thank you for allowing me to connect and break through barriers I’ve had for while. What you do is amazing and the more people that you can come in contact with the better they will be for it. 

-Matt Pickstone