Does this sound like you?

  • I'm tired of holding myself back in my business because I’m scared to fail or succeed. I'm ready to turn my dreams and inspirations into meaningful, empowered action but just don't know where to start.
  • I feel disconnected from within, just going through the motions, day by day. I can't shake the feelings of feeling unfulfilled, empty & apathetic. I'm ready to know who I truly am and what I am capable of being, doing, having and experiencing.
  • I tend to lose myself and my voice when I’m in a relationship. I find it difficult to ask for what I want. I often don’t speak up because I don’t want to rock the boat. I often  say yes when I really want to say no. I really want to be in a healthy loving relationship!  ( I want my soulmate) but I keep attracting all the wrong men. It’s like I have no luck when it comes to love. I often stay in a relationship that deep down I know it’s not good for me or isn’t what I truly desire for fear this is as good as its going to get.
  • I'm tired of allowing my fears and self-doubt to control my decisions, which causes me to miss out what would make so happy. I’m tried of watching other people go after their dreams and live them out, meanwhile I sit around wishing I had their life. I don’t want to simply exist, I want to live on purpose, I want to be on purpose and I want to make a difference.





IF YOU ARE LIKES YES, STEPHANIE, THAT’S ME!  Then this is your place and I’m your catalyst! 

Let's move energy around and create massive change in your life.

when you work with me:

  • You will learn how to move through your unprocessed emotions and how to feel them.
  • You will feel more confident in yourself and your ability to show up, speak up and allow yourself to be seen. You'll know how to set boundaries and not give away your energy.
  • Your intuition will strengthen, you will hear it’s inner guidance clearly and be able to take action from a place of trust and certainty. YOU WILL FEEL EMPOWERED AND IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE.
  • You will be able to identify the emotional, mental and behavioral patterns that are keeping you blocked, attracting the same type of situations and relationships.
  • Your consciousness will expand helping you shift the way you think, feel, live and relate to others. You will be able to connect with people in higher ways.
  • Your fears may not seize to exist, however when fear does come up; you won't react with more fear. Instead, you will be able to know how to rapidly get back into a balanced, centered and relax state.

Meet your coach

My style is both intuitive and experiential. I have an ability to tap into the emotional world in a unique way and receive the information you need to help you gain clarity, awareness and confidence in yourself and your life.  

If you are willing to do the work, I can show you the way. I can help you become more of your Higher Self. So you can carry out your souls purpose.

You are more powerful than you give yourself credit for. 

You are more deserving than you believe. 

You are more than good enough. 

Let me help you sort through the clutter of your inner world and find you the best route, discarding the routes that lead straight into resistance and  confusion.

I am able to instinctively observe your strengths and draw out the best version of YOU.

help you see the connections and purpose in your everyday occurrences.

I anticipate potential issues and together create a strategy that will help you get to where you are trying to go and be who you say you want to be.

Meet Sabiana dUBOIS

I do not work with everyone, I only work with people who are:

  • Ready to make a change and expand their consciousness 
  • Ready to commit to their Spiritual Growth, making it their Highest Priority 
  • Who want to connect with their Higher Self and step into their Authentic Power.  

  • This means people who are ready to do the inner work, take action, and not just wish for change and hope that it will happen.

Are you ready to commit to yourself?

work with me

As a private client, your mentorship is completely customized to you, where you are and where you want to be.  I work with you on four levels: Emotional, Mental, Behavioral and Spiritual. While working with what is happening now, right now, in your life.  

The amazing and magical thing is that by working in a committed relationship with a spiritual intuitive coach you are able to move through emotional and difficult moments very quickly and life lessons are moved through at a very fast pace while learning what they hold for you. 

If you are ready to experience more freedom to live life with meaning, on your terms. To experience more abundance in all areas of your life. If you desire spiritual, emotional and mental growth and are ready to  get out of your mind, drop into body and lead with your true essence then let’s work together so that you can start to live a life on purpose.

My clients are diverse in terms of demographics. But what they all have in common is, they’re yearning to feel more connected to their authentic selves ( essence).  They want more aligned success, health, connection, fulfillment, and impact. 

I am selective in who I work with, I am very hands on with each of my clients and usually end up creating really strong bonds with them that last, long after our coaching relationship has ended. So it’s important  to ensure we will be a good fit for each other. 

How it Works

  • Initial 90 min Zoom call to unpack your story, identifty what needs to be released so we can close the gap between where you are and where you want to be throughout our coaching journey.
  • Weekly 60min Zoom Calls (all session recorded for you)
  • Daily Whats app access for ongoing support, consistency and accountability
  • Receive a copy of the CreatingWithin Workbook

Due to the high level of commitment involved with this work.   Private coaching spaces are limited and only open upon availability. 

 If you are interested in a committed mentorship-coaching relationship, you can apply below, if we are a good match, you’ll be hearing from me.   

Ready to new reach new levels of: Clarity, Confidence, Intuition and Growth within your personal and biz life?


What Clients have to say

Stephanie, is one of the most prolific coaches of our time. What I love about her is that she listens and gives insight not just from a  training level but a soul level. 

She was very instrumental in helping me find literally the love of my life after several failed relationships by giving me a simple strategy, because I had found myself  tolerating things I didn’t like. She got on my ass about it and showed me my patterns in life, with men as well as triggers, childhood issues and all around things I needed to work on and release. 

I’d say within one month I was in the healthiest relationship I could’ve ever even dreamed of and still am. I was able to identify what I was not willing to tolerate and eliminated it immediately instead of wasting my time. 

She was also instrumental in pushing me to travel the world helping children in orphanages even when everyone thought I was insane I didn’t even think it was possible to do as a mom. But I did it and she gave me the courage to go after that dream.

 Now I have an incredible non profit organization that continues to help those around the world. So I thank her for not only being my friend. But a great mentor, teacher and soul sister.

Stephanie has been such an admirable mentor to me on so many levels over the years. Her knowledge and guidance of the spiritual world has allowed me to achieve such high levels of my personal growth. Her attention and ability to connect to each and every person that comes into her life is what gives her this edge in being such a great coach. The ability to connect, love, and accept each person at such profound levels. I am forever thankful for all she’s helped me overcome and achieve, but mostly, for her belief in me and my abilities, is what allowed me to see that for myself as well. 

This is simply a reflection of the amazing and caring person she is. I would recommend her coaching to anyone I know.

Arianne Ribeiro

TV Producer

Before I started working with Stephanie my emotional state was very fear driven, I felt insecure, stuck and very emotional. The moment I found Stephanie I resonated with her kindness. I could tell that she was someone that naturally over gives to her clients because she’s so passionate about the work that she does. I’ve experienced so many different transformations both internally and externally. One of the biggest has been how I have found my inner power. My essence, my purity and my strength have been regained again. I am now a more powerful and graceful version of myself and it feels so good to me. 

I’ve also become a better listener which is only going to help me serve my own clients better. I am also no longer motivated by fear as before. If you are thinking about working with Stephanie you should know that she creates a space for people where massive changes happens and she over-delivers on every call. This has been the best investment I could have ever made. The best money I’ve ever spent.  

Brittany Kurp

Prior to working with Stephanie I felt stagnant and stuck, my energy was scattered. I was anxious and afraid of sharing my light with others. I had a lot of emotional blockages that sabotaged me from experiencing all the good that the universe had in store for me. I am a recovering creative who was afraid to be seen. I knew it was time to take action because I wanted to focus on owning my personal power and that’s where Stephanie comes in. 

Since working with her I am not afraid to show up authentically anymore. With this, I am able to honor my truth and finally feel like I can be grateful for all the good things I’ve attracted into my life! I healed my relationship with my boyfriend, I finally started my Conscious campaign for creatives and have truly tapped into all the power that I have within. Also attracting the job that I set my intention to have at the beginning of the program! 

What I love the best about her is how accepting and patient she was with me. She never took things too seriously and always radiated her love and light every session! I felt like I had known her forever, always encouraging me to vocalize any questions and concerns even if they sounded like I was insane hahahaha. I feel like after working with her, I have this source of love and light from afar that helps me remember that even through I don’t understand myself in certain situations, there is someone out there that does! 🙂

Stephanie has so many spiritual tools and wisdom under her belt that not a lot of coaches take the time to think about/have. She connects with others in a very loving manner. I would recommend her services mainly to women who are serious about creating the life that they’ve always wanted. Women who are struggling to own their power in all forms. If you are considering working with Stephanie know that there will be so much fear and resistance to doing this work! But focus on the process instead of the end result. Be compassionate with yourself, the release work can be emotionally exhaustive. Make sure you take good care of yourself.


Jade Sta Ana

Artist, Poet, & Founder of #goodenoughcampaign 

I admire how Stephanie lives in her truest form, helping others to find their power. After our discovery session I felt we were meant to connect and that was enough for me to go all in! I am so grateful to have connected with her. I was actively searching for answers and a mentor. I needed someone who understood and allowed me to openly speak and because of that I learned in working with her, that, the less organized my words are the truer I am. I was able to recognize certain patterns that derived from when I was a child, affecting my life right now. It brought clarity, focus, and understanding more than I thought and it was so simple. 

What I liked the best about working with Stephanie is how she recognized certain things but still allowed me to discover it on my own. She doesn’t try to teach me all the time but rather remind me the things I needed clarity on. When she knew it was the right time, she said it. I would recommend her to everyone I know. But only those that are prepared and ready. This feels like a new age for therapy, but less intimidating and much more valuable!

Monica Cao


Stephanie makes us look within and sometimes that means discovering things that are painful or uncomfortable but she will guides us. Since working with Stephanie I am happier and able to not react as quickly like I normally do. I now think more before responding. I’m able to write things out and figure out myself more. I’m also able to now set boundaries. The best thing about working with Stephanie is how open-minded and understanding she is. She gets me to work out my feelings without being pushy. I would recommend people who are ready to put in the work or it won’t be helpful for either of you.