Is your lack of self-belief holding you back from pursuing your dreams?  One of the things that stops most people from really succeeding at their craft, is not believing in themselves. 

When we lack confidence and selfbelief, we become fearful that we are not good enough or worthy enough.

I speak from experience, I allowed myself to get stuck in this pattern for a long time and what I learned is that it doesn’t matter how many resources or opportunities are put on your path; if you don’t believe in yourself you’re not going to be able to take action or make anything happen long-term to see the results you are wanting when it comes to your vision.

Self-belief is everything. 

One of the stories I use to tell myself, especially after getting back on social media, after being gone for two years, was, OMG everyone is now a coach. How am I ever going to compete?

Buying into that belief was holding me back from showing up as myself, from being fully authentic and putting out real content to my tribe. 

So what did I have to do, I had to change that belief, I needed to disprove it and change the story I was telling myself. 

And here is how I did it.

I chose to take on the belief that not every coach out there, is a good coach. And actually, really good coaches are rare. When I toyed around with this new belief (thought) it felt good and I could buy into it. And the more I said it to myself the more confident I began to feel.

My old belief, the story I kept telling myself- that everyone is now a coach wasn’t serving me, it only served to keep me stuck and frozen in place.

Can you feel the difference between the two beliefs? ⠀

Fact, yes, there are a lot of coaches out there but good coaches are very rare. (my new belief)  And I’m one of those really fucking rare and good coaches. With this new belief, I was able to move forward in my craft with ease and confidence. I was able to get out of my own fucking way.

Because here’s the thing there’s always going to be competition, there’s always going to be people doing what you’re doing or what you want to do. ⠀

But what you have to remember is that nothing is really original.

Everything that needs to be said, has been said, everything that can be created has already been created even if it hasn’t yet manifested forth into physical reality. We are all recycling the same information and bringing forth ideas and creations that already exists in the now, in the Universe.

But HOW you bring forth that information, how you express it, how you teach it; that is the magic sauce.

It’s not really about originality as much as it is about authenticity.

You have specific people who are going to resonate with the way YOU say something. The way you express it.

You can have two people teaching the exact same concepts but not everybody that is attracted to your work is going to resonate to the other person’s work and vice versa.

We all have our own unique voice and unique point of view.

The way you express yourself is uniquely YOU and that is what will set you apart from the rest. And to that point, rather than spending your time talking yourself out of your dreams. Spend time figuring out :

  • Who the fuck are you? 
  • What is fascinating about you and how can you be more of you?
  • What beliefs can you rewrite and upgrade? 

This is the core work I do with my clientsI help them become more of who they are and let go of who they are not.  So they can show up in the world as the unique powerful in tune and connected beings that they are. Which is the ultimate freedom! 

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