Is there something you really want to do or create, but you’re afraid to put yourself out there or get started because you don’t think you’re ready? 

You battle with the voice of self doubt and fear and it’s keeping you frozen, in place : Thinking am I good enough? What if I fail? What if people hate it? I don’t have the right or enough credentials? There are so many people already doing what I want to do, how can I compete? Can I really make a money doing what I love?

Does any of this sound familiar? 

Almost every one of us experiences self doubt and fear at one point or another especially when it comes to creating something, starting a new business and putting themselves out there. It’s part of the human experience and it’s a natural process that we all go through. 

Yet, the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t, and it isn’t luck. 

It’s that despite their fears, they still manage to take action in the direction of their desires regardless if they feel ready or not. 

Action is the antidote to Fear.  

See the only enemy you need to defeat is not getting started. Having doubts, having fears, making mistakes, starting over is part of the process. 

But when allow yourself to believe more in your doubts than in your desires that’s when you become stagnant, stuck. You end up living more from your mental space thinking and talking about everything you want to do, be or create, but never taking any real action towards it. 

Remember you don’t have to have it all, to begin, YOU just have to begin that is the key. 

Our doubts and fears will always be present but that doesn’t mean they have to control you. Being fearless doesn’t mean eliminating fear it just means you know how to use, leverage and mange them. 

Let me repeat this:


YOU don’t have to have it all figured, you just have to start and you will learn who you are, what your gifts are, what’s your style, what works, what doesn’t, simply by doing; by taking the first step. The “How” will reveal itself as you take the first step. 

Every time I’ve made a quantum leap in my life; were the moments where I faced a shit ton of self doubt and fear but each time that I chose to push through and take action on the whispers from within despite my fears, things always sorted itself out. I figured it out along the way.

At the age of 23 I found myself getting out of my first real relationship of four years, we lived together and I had quit my job two months before what turned out to be the end of my relationship.

So  now without  a job and my relationship disintegrating I couldn’t keep up with the mortgage payments alone. All of sudden I found myself working two jobs to stay afloat and still my apartment ended up in foreclosure. But within a few months of low key day to day struggle, the Universe presented me an opportunity to work for Grey Goose as an Event Manager in another state. And let me just say, I had no freaking experience, I had never done events, I had never led nor manage a big team before. I also knew nothing about Atlanta  at the time.

I had so many doubts and fears around going after that job because everything including certain people around me were telling me I didn’t have the credentials nor experience to get the job. But my hunger was louder than my fears. I used it as fuel and I went for the job even though I wasn’t “ready” or qualified, still, deep down I felt the whisper of my soul telling me that job was mine.

And so despite my fears I took action. I study the industry, I study the city,  I study my weaknesses and prepared myself to answer tough questions when the time came. I also did a shit ton of visualization work and pretty much my mind was set, laser focused- I was getting the job…

I had to go through three interview processes which took about 2-3 months before making it to the fourth and final interview where I had to fly into Atlanta. When I arrived at the hotel for my interview I walked into a conference room where four individuals sat across from me firing questions at me left and right. Talk about intimidating. But in end, I got the job. I beat out other people who were more qualified than me but not more prepared than me.  😉

See, I could have easily allowed my fears, self doubt, lack of experience and credentials to stop me from taking action. So I share with you this story as example to show you that we’re never really ready for a lot of things in life. We are never ready to lose someone but when we do, at some point we have to move forward and take action with our lives. There’s never really a perfect time to become a parent, I don’t think one is ever really ready; you just learn along the way.

When I decided to sell everything in 2014 and travel the world for a year alone. I didn’t have anything figured out, I had no idea how I was going to make it happen or how I would  manage out there by myself. Shit, I didn’t even have the money to do it and I had already booked a one way flight to Prague. I literally sold my car 3 weeks before my schedule flight and that’s the money I used to travel.

When I started my coaching business I had so many fears and self doubt around it for many years that it kept me stuck, stagnant in this area. For so long, I had one foot in and one foot out. I felt like I needed more time, more experience, some type of credential to validate me despite the fact I was fucking good at my craft and the proof was in the people whose life I was shifting, all the people who were constantly reaching out to me whenever they felt stuck in life or needed my energy. 

Still I never felt ready, I felt like I needed more of this or that before I could really commit and go all in. I played small for a long time when it came to my craft and my gift. Until one day, I finally took action despite not feeling ready, qualified or not knowing how I’d turn my gifts into a business. But I just took the first step and started to put myself out there and guess what I figured it out along the way and still am. Everyday I am still learning new things about myself, my coaching style and my business. And it’s constantly evolving. To know I could have started so much sooner if only I had taken action back then.

So I hope that in me sharing a few soundbites of my own experiences inspire you to start before you’re ready. 

To take the leap and trust in your desires more than in your doubts. The path will reveal itself, you will figure it out along the way. Stop playing small, stop waiting for the perfect moment, stop waiting to have it all figured out, stop wasting time and get to it.  


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