Do you want to learn how to manifest your desires?

You’ve probably heard all about positive thinking and visualization to manifest our desires. But it’s a little more intricate than just visualizing what you want, and perhaps that is why sometimes you feel frustrated when you hear people say that you create your reality or you can manifest this or that when you are unable to manifest in the ways, you prefer.

One thing I know for sure about myself is that I am really good at manifesting the things I desire. Everything I’ve wanted to have or experience in my life thus far I’ve been able to manifest it; from the small to the more significant things.  Everything I have now or have had, I first saw it and experienced it in mind’s eye.

What if I told you that you are already manifesting, that you manifest circumstances, people, experiences, and things in your life all the time?

That you are a creative being, and you are creating all the time whether you are aware of it or not…

Everyone has this ability, the key is to learn how to manifest by working with the mechanism of manifestation consciously. 

So here is what you need to know and remind yourself of:

Manifesting what you want or don’t want depends on the frequency of your vibration, and your level of consciousness ultimately determines that.  And your level of consciousness is determined by how aware you are of your emotions and your ability to choose your intentions; that is how you consciously create.

Usually, when we want something, there tends to be a lot of negative beliefs surrounding the things we are trying to bring towards us. This leads us to have very conflicted and unclear emotions. When our emotions are not clear we send out two different vibrational signals towards the very thing we are trying to attract to us.

Remember that where focus goes, energy flows so if your focus and energies are opposing each other, it is going to make it more difficult for you to line up with what you truly want. Manifesting your desires requires that you get very clear on what you want to manifest and the motivation behind your desire for something.

Everything that we want in life ultimately is because we are trying to feel better so the clearer you get on the motivation, on the why behind your desire, the easier it will be to manifest.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the building blocks of manifestation. 









BELIEF –is like the blueprint unto the house; you wish to build.

EMOTION – is energy in motion. They are the builders of the house that bring the blueprint into manifestation.

That’s why every emotion activates the strongest beliefs it’s aligned with. If you have strong negative beliefs, what kind of emotions do you think you are going to get the strongest?

FEAR, because that’s what is going to activate those beliefs systems in your manifestation and that’s what your behavior, thoughts, and actions are going to reflect: Fearful attitudes, fearful approaches, fearful expectations, etc…

BEHAVIORS and ACTIONS– are like the quality of the building materials, the quality of the house that manifests.

So if you know your blueprint has lines (beliefs) that don’t go there, that aren’t lined up with the house you are trying to build. And if you know your builders (emotions) aren’t really into their job of building their house, and your building materials aren’t really up to par, what type of house do you think you are going to get?

Now that you understand the building blocks of manifestation, let’s break it down into actionable steps.











Clear out your motivational mechanism to ensure that your beliefs are in alignment with what you want.

Too often we want something, but our beliefs and actions are in direct opposition to what we want.

See, you can’t want something and the same time feel that you don’t deserve it, believe it can happen or shame something you secretly want.

Here’s is an example

A person wants to manifest abundance in the form of money. Deep down they really want money but at the same time, they also shame money, making it and the people who have it into a bad thing. This creates an inner conflict because as we mentioned above when your emotions are muddled, unclear you will send out two different sets of vibrations.

I want money but at the same time if I have money then I’m a bad person.

I want money but I can’t have it, I want money but money brings out the worst in people.

Can you see how this creates unnecessary inner conflicts that will manifest in unhealthy ways, it will bring you a lot of what you don’t want?

Energies of fear, doubt, guilt, judgment will not bring you the things you are trying to manifest if anything it will keep them away.

Too often we want something, but our beliefs and actions are in direct opposition to what we want. Click To Tweet

Know that the energies that are the strongest will always win out. 

Sometimes it’s your conscious energy but for most of us since we are unconsciously creating, its the subconscious energy ( our subconscious beliefs) that tend to win out, and that is why its crucial that you clear out and get clear.


Once you get clear about what you want and clear out your conflicting belief systems, now it’s time to know and create your intention.

Write out what your intention is for wanting to manifest ‘_______’ x,y or z?

Notice the energy behind your intention, is it fear based?

This will give you additional clarity by showing you where you are vibrationally and help you create an intention that is a vibrational match to what you are trying to manifest.


Here’s something else you need to know: whenever you ask for something you may have to let go of something else to get it.

This means that some things will no longer remain the same. It’s impossible for you to want something new and expect that nothing will change in your current reality.

For new things to come into your existence, old things will have to go to make room for the new.

For new things to come into your existence, old things will have to go to make room for the new. Click To Tweet

It’s important for you to know that often when the letting-go process begins you may feel and interpret the changes in your life as obstacles.

 Your mind may even interpret the events as you going in the wrong direction. But that’s because your mind cannot see the connection between the lessons and the changes that are occurring and how it relates and connects to your request (desire).

Keep in mind that the bigger the request (manifestation) is, especially if it requires a quantum leap then things in your life may appear as if they are getting worse or that you’re going backward when in all actuality it’s taking you exactly where you want to be.

But it won’t feel like that at first, and so you have to remind yourself that if you’ve been asking for a big change in your life, a big manifestation, your life will probably get shaken up to give you what you want.


→ Quantum leaps happen when you make significant, life-affirming changes, going from one way of being to another. They often involve a major change in your perspective, a letting go of some significant belief or an opening to a higher understanding that changes your life.

Check out my video below  where I share my own personal experiences how often you may feel that your life is falling apart, but indeed it’s falling into place.



There cannot be any room for doubt. If you don’t believe you can have what you want, no amount of visualization will bring forth what you desire.


Through visualizing what you want with your focus and imagination. Then concentrate on the feeling you would have if you already had what you wanted.

The feeling (emotion) of having what you want is vital in your visualization process. You cannot manifest without intense emotion behind it.

As an example, when I wanted to manifest my convertible sports car years ago. I would visualize myself driving it, and feel my hair in the wind. I would feel the excitement that driving that convertible car brought me…


The emotional state is the feeling that thing or experience would give you. Hone in on that feeling daily.

I tend to do my visualization practice at night right before going to bed, and I start to bring forth the feelings as I visualize what I want, I feel it as if I already had it. Almost like a virtual reality game that I project myself in.

To take it a step further you can also use writing as an additional tool for visualization, write down what you want to manifest in the present tense.


Take action, especially if you have a hard time visualizing things in your imagination.

Taking physical action towards what you’re trying to manifest will aid you in your manifestation process.

What do I mean by this?

For example, when I wanted to manifest my convertible sports car I went to the dealership to look at it a few times (even though I couldn’t afford it and didn’t know ‘how’ I’d make it happen.)

Still, I got inside the vehicle and visualized myself driving it and having it.

The act of physically going to see the car and getting inside of it intensified my emotional state and made it that much easier to bring up the emotions when I did my nightly visualization ritual. (By the way, I manifested that car a month in half later.)


This is an essential step in your manifestation process, and it is a step that most of us skip.

 If you don’t know how to let go once you’ve done the process,  you will block and delay your manifestation.

Let go of the idea of ‘how’ it will manifest. Don’t give the “how” much thought.

Just take action on the things you can do right here, right now.

Start moving in the direction of what it is that you want, through your actions, speech and emotional state but let it go and go about your life without obsessing over it.

You have to trust that it will come, that it will manifest.

You cannot worry about it, you cannot make it happen, you cannot put conditions on how it should come, doing this blocks the energy flow of your Higher Self.  (In other words, the more you worry and obsess, the more you lower your vibration.)

 I am going to drill into this last step a little more because it’s that important.

Surrendering means you genuinely know and trust that the Higher Mind is doing its job and now the physical mind (your personality) can relax because it is not required nor is it capable of doing anything else. Your physical mind is not designed to understand the “How” things happen only to perceive how things happened not happen.

The Higher Self has the ability to understand how things happen. Therefore the knowledge of how something will occur comes from your Higher Self, so let it do its job.

Let go and trust that your work is now done, the rest of the works comes from your Higher Self and the Universe. When you really understand this concept, and you let go and allow the Higher Mind to do its work, your manifestation will come effortlessly into your reality.


 Intention-> Direct Focus -> Concentration -> Surrendering


Want to learn more about how to surrender, read this: HOW TO STOP STRUGGLING THROUGH SPIRITUAL SURRENDER











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